Powerbone Dental Implant: Feel the Strength in Your Bones, Smile with Confidence.

With its strong and durable structure, Powerbone Dental Implant provides confidence with every smile. Feel the strength in your bones for a healthy and natural smile, and live your life to the fullest.

About Us

Powerbone’s R&D activities are carried out at the Ege University Technology Development Center under ISO-7 (Class 10000) conditions. Since 2016, production has been taking place in Manisa under ISO-5, ISO-6, and ISO-7 (Class 100, 1000, 10,000) conditions. In addition to its expert staff, high technology, and strong capital, the company provides complete service to its customers with international quality, management, and product certifications.


It prevents bone loss by reducing stress in the neck area.


With a 10° tapered hex connection, the forces on the implant-abutment connection screw are distributed, preventing accumulation at a single point.


The thin and regular groove design enhances the implant’s contact with the bone and provides high primary stability.

Implant Design Ensuring Optimal Primary Stability

Implant design ensures optimal primary stability in all bone types. Our implants, made from high-quality materials, adapt perfectly to various bone structures, providing firm and reliable anchorage.

They particularly excel in low-density bones, offering high stability that accelerates healing and enhances treatment success. This enables us to offer our patients long-lasting and durable implant solutions.

Features of Implant Design: Optimal Stability and Functions

Implant design ensures optimal stability in all bone types. The key platform reduces stress and prevents bone loss. Spiral flutes gather and distribute bone particles. SLA active surface promotes rapid osseointegration. Thin grooves enhance bone contact. Two-way cutting provides forward and reverse control. Rounded apex does not damage nerves and sinuses. Tapered connection distributes forces.
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Innovative Superior Design
 Spiral Flutefesyonel İmplant

“High Durability Results”

High durability results were obtained from mechanical tests conducted in accordance with ISO 14801 and TS/ISO 13498 standards.